The Hidden Importance of Product Packaging

When you walk into a store with nothing special in mind, how do you decide what to buy? Do you go with whatever packaging catches your eyes or do you pick a product you have used before? Product packaging and design is the key to getting sales for your company. If something looks good or engaging on the package, more consumers are likely to buy it. We will be discussing the top ten things that will help your company sell more products in this article.

10. Standing Out on the Shelf
Your product will seldom be alone on the shelf. The goal is to make your product stand out from all the other products that the consumer is going to be looking at. A different pattern catches people’s eyes and makes them take a closer look. This phenomenon is called ‘shelf impact, ‘ and this will generate you huge sales if it is done correctly.

9. The Importance of Quality
Your company has to build a reputation for selling quality products for it to survive. You should always use the best packaging supplies possible, keeping your budget in mind. Think about changing up your packaging from time to time to keep it relevant and fresh in the consumer’s minds.

8. Keep Your Packaging Relevant
You will rely heavily on your packaging staying on your customer’s minds when it comes time to purchase more of it. You should switch up the packaging supplies from time to time to remain relevant.

7. Embrace Your Competition 
You need to stay ahead of your competition whenever possible, so study them every chance you get. Studying them will allow you to see which design elements they have and what works. Consider less successful brands as well, so you have an idea of which design elements to avoid in your packaging.

6. Have Clear Fonts 
Customers only spend a few seconds looking at products, and they have to be able to scan them quickly. If your font is illegible or hard to read, they will be more prone to skip it and move on.

5. Connect to Your Customers 
The better you know your target customers, the better you will be able to design packaging that will attract them.

4. Be Practical 
People like functionality as well as efficiency. Keep this in mind as you design your packaging, the more functional it is, the more people you could attract.

3. Be Honest 
Your packaging should present your product in the best light possible, but it should also remain true to the product. Consumers like to get what they pay for, and you will retain customers if the product speaks for itself.

2. Try Different Designs
When you first start, you’re not sure what will catch the customer’s eye. This is why you make several models and see which ones sell better. Do test groups to see what message your packaging is sending to people.

1. Content is Important 
You want your packaging to work with your product to maximize profitability. Make sure your packaging reflects what your product is used for and any brand information. You should use strong but simple visual aids, and explain to customers what the product is on the inside.


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